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 is finally being updated ... literally thousands of pictures need to be reviewed, processed, annotated, categorized and put into albums.

The site started in 1995 as an experiment - I was using the first affordable consumer digital camera, the Apple QuickTake, and was hand processing the digital images and hand coding the html to get the pictures on-line.You can access the classic site by clicking on the bully at the upper right.

One of the cool things about this project is that all the locations and subjects were local and personal to me ... the musicians in the classic site were and are great friends who put up with me being in their face with this weird camera.

The pix I am starting to post now are from current generation digital cameras from Olympus, Fuji, Kodak and others. Be assured that I still have a personal relationship with folks at all locations and all musicians that you see.

Enjoy! - Comments are welcomed - and feel free to link to these images or use them directly with appropriate credit to:

Victor & Lila Belinski