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The following photographs are from golf courses of all types - 3-par, public, private, resort, tournament, etc. My goal is to include a few shots from each of the courses I have had the pleasure to play.

Please enjoy the pictures presented below:

Verdugo Hills Golf Course, Tujunga, CA

Verdugo Hills is a really fun 3-par course cut into the side of the hills; the course has excellent lights for enjoyable night play. Mastering this course requires accurate tee shots to small greens and the ability to read tricky hillside breaks.

Verdugo Hills Golf Course - 3-par course available for both day and night play
The 17th green as seen from the top of the hill at the 7th green
The 17th green looking down from the tee, 110 yards away
As the sun sets in the west - keep on playing as the course lights up for night play

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