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Little Feat Photographs - Performances, Other

Little Feat @ the Topanga Community Center (7/96)

The following pictures are from a benefit show that Little Feat played at the Topanga Community Center on a hot Saturday night in July of 1996. As always, the band was giving its all - both musically - and to the community. The benefit was for a local Topanga Canyon resident (an east coast transplant no less! - please excuse the fact that I no longer have her name nor any additional details).

Please enjoy the pictures outlined below:

Classic 'Little Feat' is playing sign for the local residents
'Little Feat' is playing sign from afar
Pre-Show Stage Shot through bushes
Fred, Paul & Sam from the side of the stage
Paul & Sam from the side
Paul & Sam another shot
Fred & Paul cool jam
Bill Payne in the Topanga Brush
Topanga Stage shot
Paul behind the Topanga Brush
Fred on Horn Dixie Chicken with his son, Miles Tackett on guitar
Fred & Miles on Dixie Chicken
Topanga Stage from way back
Fred, Miles & Paul in the Topanga Brush

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