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Planet Funk Photographs - Performances, Other

Planet Funk @ La Vee Lee (1/97)

The following pictures are from a show that Planet Funk played at the club/restaurant La Vee Lee in Studio City, CA; it was a rainy Wednesday night, January 23, 1997. At least for a while, you can see the band performing there every Wednesday - check with the club. The musicians in the band change at times, but the show is always great.

Please enjoy the pictures outlined below:

Wade Durham and Ron DeJesus Lead Singer & Guitar Player - shot 1
Wade and Ron - shot 2
Wade Durham Lead Singer - shot 1
Wade - shot 2
Wade - shot 3
Ron DeJesus Guitar Player- shot 1
Lee Thornburg on Trumpet
Wade and Lee Lead Singer and Trumpet
Wade - shot 4
Wade and Ron - shot 3
Wade - shot 5
Wade - shot 6
Wade and Ron - shot 4

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